Floor sanding in London have been sanding floors for over 15 years and have taken on the most prestigious jobs in all of London whether that be North London, South London, East London including Canary wharf or West London.West end Bon street Regents street Saville row(Abercrombie and Fitch store) Hampstead kensington etc

Floor sanding in London is a london based company who specialise in floor sanding in all of its intricacies and details.

Whether that be sanding the school hall sanding the rooms in your house a modern aprtment looking for a chic look or an old oak floor that needs floor sanding and renovating. We specialise in the london area covering all of the London post codes and surrounding areas

What we Do:

We sand all wood floors restoring them by sanding off  the old dirty scuffed and soiled floors giving them a revitalised refreshed vibrant and appealing look, to do this we specialise in the following techniques

  1. Staining with oil based water based methbased or white spirit based stains
  2. Repairing of floor boards plank strip or parquet flooring
  3. Oiling with a clear or coloured oil waxing
  4. Lacquering with satin matt or natural finsihes
  5. Filling of unsightly and draughty gaps
  6. Moving of Furniture and removal of heaths
  7. Levelling of uneven joists insulating between the voids for heat loss and noise insulation with all the latest noise reducing products
  8. Stair sanding
  9. Bleaching of the floors to produce a neutral base before staining
What is our experience:

We have been doing this for over 15 years since 2001 to be exact  and have taken on the most expensive projects to the small bedroom and are constantly learning never resting on our laurels.

Our Machinery:

We use the latest low dust emmision machinery with a dust emmision rate  around 3 gm/per m2 which in layman's terms means not a cloud of dust but maybe a small film on the ledges

Contact us:

Phone no 07511 504645 or 0800 1123238
Office address is unit 32-34 New House 67 - 68 Hatton Gardens London Ec18 NJY
The costs to sand and lacquer only is £ 20.00 per m2             
The costs to sand fill the gaps and lacquer is £ 25.00 per m2          
The costs to sand and stain is £25.00 per m2
The cost to sand stain fill gaps and lacquer is £ 25.00 
Underneath are the abovementioned costs broken down and itemised into their individual sections
We do not use cheap Lacquer, the Lacquer we use is used in Harrods, National Gallery Korean Gallery e.t.c
 The cost to buff and oil a floor which was oiled preiously £ 10 per m2      
Product Cost Per m2        
Lacquer/Finish/Varnish 7.00        
Sandpaper 3.00        
Insulation 12.00        
Scotia 2.00        
Filling Agent 5.00        
Bleaching 10.00        
Stains 3.00        
Dust Sheets  1.00        
Reclaimed Timber 50.00        
Labour - Sanding
Service Cost Per m2        
Sanding 16.00        
Staining 6.00        
Gap filling 6.00        
Reclaimed Timber 16.00        
Insulation 18.00        
Scotia 2.50        
Carpet removal 3.33        
Furniture Removal* 80.00        
Remove Hearth 150.00        
Lay floor


Floor repairs per linear metre 10.00        
Stair Sanding per step 45.00        
Take up floor 20.00        


German Gymnasium 2012 Olympics

Abercrombie and Fitch Saville Row 2011

Frattelli Rossetti  Sloane Street 2004

Rankin Photographer 2011 Kentish Town

David Dein Chairman of Arsenal 2001, 2004, 2010

Jason Statham Actor 2009 (Transporter Snatch)

Evangelical Library Chiltern St W1 2004

Hugos Restaurant Opposite Royal Albert Hall 2004

Evangelical Library Chiltern Street 2002

Fabric Night Club 2011

Madame Jo Jo Brewer Street 2007

Denibar Pub Kings Cross 2006 

Russian Senator nad billionaire Segey Gordeev 2012 







St Vincent Private School, London W1 Bell Lane Primary School, HendonBrentfield Primary School, London N




  • Abercrombie and Fitch Shop London West End
  • Frattelli Rossetti, 196 Sloane Street(Next To louis Vittons)1926 Showroom, Little Portland Street (Juicy Couture) 105 New Bond street Flawless Edmistons(www.edmistoncompany.com) Main Office 62 St James Street London


Jason Statham Actor(Transporter 1 and 2 Snatch e.tc) Photgraphy Studios Kenttish Town(2011) 



, Piccadilly W1 ub, Clrkenwell EC1 wer steet London W Pub Kigs CrBruce allis PubW1





Seventh Day Adventist Hall Brendon Street, W1 
Evangelical Library Chiltern Street, W1 

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